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“price floors”: the staggering stupidity of some coop boards

a good topic for April foolsIt is not an especially fresh story, but some Manhattan residential real estate stories are timeless in a I can’t believe this comes up again kind of way. The New York Daily News ran a

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this weekend diversion is Linsane, of course

no choiceIs there a bigger internet sensation this week than Jeremy Lin? And not just from the New York media. Not that I generally have my finger on the cultural pulse of the nation, but it feels inevitable that Manhattan

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low-life property manager INDICTED

13 properties, $2.1mm … so farWay back on January 30 I commented on Richard Bassik, a downtown property manager who was accused of stealing $2mm from buildings he managed and was featured in a NY Daily News article from January

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why hire a low-life as property manager? 'cuz you didn't know

ignorance is expensiveThere were reports in the press this past week about Richard Bassik, a Manhattan property manager accused of stealing from downtown clients that caught my eye because I know the guy … at least, I worked with him

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elections can be rough / not *those* elections

  LincolnTowers coop board election generates defamation suit The Daily News reported on a defamation suit brought by a candidate for the coop board in one of the Lincoln Towers, showing that electoral hardball is not confined to traditional politics.

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