Lion's Head loft foreclosure sale postscript: an unusual 4-letter word for b-u-y-e-r?

start with 3 letters: WTF??
(No, I am not goin’ all Palin on ya; I’ve been using that locution for years.) This postscript to my January 22, Lion’s Head penthouse loft closes out of foreclosure (121 West 19 Street) with a 7-figure bank hit, might be called the Agents Misbehavin’ Edition. I am (nearly) speechless over this, scratching my head about why an agent would use this language in print to describe a party to a transaction, especially a party that paid more than the asking price for that agent’s listing (indeed, since this agent seems to have had so much direct contact with this buyer, especially with a buyer that was not represented by an agent with whom the listing agent would have to share the commission).

"I wouldn’t call him a diva, I’d call him a dick," the broker said. "And you can quote me on that."

This was reported in the New York Observer on line Wednesday night (h/t Nearsay). Much as I try, I cannot imagine any scenario in which this comment is justified.

For background, check out that January 22 post. For whether this is professional behavior, ask your mother.

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