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one “painstaking deconstruction” later, 874 Broadway loft sells for 236% of 2009 price

it can be very rewarding to take apart a Manhattan loft Numbers don’t lie: the “1,674 sq ft” Manhattan loft #301 at 874 Broadway (in the lovely MacIntyre Building) that was purchased in needs-a-renovation condition for $1.1mm in October 2009 (after

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50 West 29 Street build-out loft sale not as simple as it looks

here’s one I know something about The recent sale of the “1,400 sq ft “ Manhattan loft #13W at 50 West 29 Street looks pretty simple: to market on April 10 at $1.475mm, in contract by June 20, and sold

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50 West 29 Street loft sells with challenging layout, challenged windows

but lots of energyUnder what circumstances might it be a good deal for a Manhattan loft seller to sell 24% lower than a similar loft that sold just 6 months earlier, when that similar loft was on a lower floor

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down 9.5% at 249 West 29 Street since 2007 (not fair!)

not all 2007 buyers are happy sellersHere is another Manhattan loft on the list featured in my September 27, is the Manhattan loft market back to (up to) 2007? 61 repeat sales say “probably”, “a bit”, post about 61 pairs

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nothing stays the same, a/k/a the gentrification issue in Chelsea + Lower East Side

car repair shop editionOh the serendipity of juxtaposition! If you looked at The Real Deal this morning (which is still in full spasm mode over the 100th edition celebrations) you’d have seen two items just 5 posts apart dealing with

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6 Sunday Open Houses in the 1.4s if you set your clock right

(remember to check the agent websites Sunday morning to see if open house is still on) 21 East 22 Street #8D $1.449mm and $1,090/mo for “1,000 sq ft” of no-expense-spared space with “artisan hand-painted walls that have been reinforced with

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new with open house at 114 W 29

worth its own entry?The “Penthouse” at 114 W 29 St is new this week, with the first showing at tomorrow’s open house. “1,500 sq ft” of open loft, asking $1.495mm and $1,342/mo. The good news is that this is a

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249 W 29 has a motivated broker/owner

I mentioned 249 West 29 Street #4S in an open house review September 21 (open house review / 7 new lofts from 2.2 to 1.5) when it was brand new to market. My comment then was: $1.895mm and $1,907/mo for

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West 20s open house review

(remember to check the agent websites Sunday morning to see if open house is still on) 249 West 29 Street #4S $1.895mm and $1,907/mo for “2,300 sq ft”; nearly square but only one wall of windows, one bathroom; as I

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open house review / 7 new lofts from 2.2 to 1.5

  (remember to check the agentwebsites Sunday morning to see if open house is stillon)   620 Broadway#3R $2.195mm and $2,100/mo for “2,700 sq ft”; so manyfeet, so few windows (3, with PuckBuilding views); at 22 feet wide, this is

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