Month: September 2012

29 East 22 Street loft sellers take the money and run (up 41% since 2010 purchase)

nice work, if you can get itI can’t tell how the recent sellers of the “2,300 sq ft” Manhattan loft #5N at 29 East 22 Street bought the place in 2010, but I can see what they paid then, and

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market corrects (slightly) too deep price cut for spectacular columns at 136 West 22 Street

an interesting dynamicIt has been a while since I highlighted one of the axioms of a busy (deep) market: The Market will correct a too-low price. In this case, the “3,272 sq ft” Manhattan loft on the 3rd floor at

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on its best days, Manhattan Loft Guy meets this (lofty!) standard of criticism

this is not really a diversion from lofts (sorry if this disturbs your Sunday routine)But it will be short …. Polymath Andrew Sullivan gets the hat tip for flagging a piece about written criticism that I take to heart. The

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efficient market for primitive loft space at 395 Broadway

5th post = Manhattan Loft Guy fave395 Broadway is now, officially, a Manhattan Loft Guy favorite building. You will see (below) that I have hit finished and unfinished lofts here, lofts with views and light and lofts without, lofts that

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166 Bank Street loft with 30 year-old river views got for $1,188/ft in far West Village

go figure: Jersey views not as valuable, even with a riverContinuing a sequence of view posts, today’s edition features a loft in pretty primitive condition (like yesterday’s) with major bragging about views (like yesterday’s). Unlike yesterday’s September 13, quintessential artist

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quintessential artist loft sells for $1,525/ft at 38 Crosby Street

oh that light!A day after hitting an architect designed Greenwich Village loft that sold under $1,000/ft (September 12, “noted architect” will be disappointed that “incredible” 200 Mercer Street loft went for $939/ft), here is a “2,000 sq ft” Soho “quintessential

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“noted architect” will be disappointed that “incredible” 200 Mercer Street loft went for $939/ft

he’s not the only oneStart with “an amazing combination of genuine loft style and a top of the line renovation using only the best of modern materials” (“[d]esigned by [a] noted architect”). Add in 11 foot ceilings, classic brick, and

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still, a sad day, remarkably so

so just a bunch of linksNice and short piece (especially nice, for being so short) in The Broadsheet Daily yesterday, heading a list of events that memorialize September 11, 2001. I hope he won’t mind me quoting the paragraph, in

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price discovery was long + hard for 144 West 27 Street loft with 2 kitchens, 3 dishwashers

what was the plan here?The folks who just sold the “2,850 sq ft” Manhattan loft #4F at 144 West 27 Street seem to have bought it as two lofts in 1998 (for $662,000) yet never got around to (fully) combining

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about that Master List of downtown Manhattan loft sales …

if you need a diversion from Manhattan lofts today, look elsewhere (anywhere else)I think this is the second week in a row, but perhaps only the second time in the last few months, that the  Master List of Manhattan Lofts

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