on its best days, Manhattan Loft Guy meets this (lofty!) standard of criticism

this is not really a diversion from lofts (sorry if this disturbs your Sunday routine)
But it will be short …. Polymath Andrew Sullivan gets the hat tip for flagging a piece about written criticism that I take to heart. The Sully money quote:

Darryl Campell names "the four classical elements of literary criticism," which are: "Reaction. Summary. Aesthetic and historical appraisal." He argues the first of these, the brute fact of liking a book or not, is inescapably what drives the reviewer

In my case, I think the brutal fact that usually drives my Manhattan loft “reviews” is either that I love the loft or that it fits or fractures a historical context. Not to go spraining my arm patting my snobby back or anything ….

Note to self … try to live up to this (loft-y!) notion of “criticism” more fully and more often.

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