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diversion about real estate (any discussion of Gentrification is tangentially about Manhattan loft neighborhoods)

  though the focus recently is on Brooklyn A perennial never-get-to on my Don’t Do list is a thought piece on how neighborhoods change, including my personal history as a residential pioneer in the then newly-minted Tribeca (truly TriBeCa in

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New York Observer observes loft sale at 165 Duane Street but does not like lofts

or follow Manhattan Loft GuyAt least two things did not impress the New York Observer about the recent sale of the “1,550 sq ft” Manhattan loft #3D at 165 Duane Street: that it garnered a gain of only 10% from

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small loft sale at 252 Seventh Avenue is another double-sided bold name transaction

once more into The MercThe New York Observer has the news about a recent sale of a small loft at the Chelsea Mercantile, sold by a photographer to an HBO executive. (I have heard of one half of these bolds,

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