Month: April 2011

OYAToMLG / 31 West 21 Street movie loft edition (Hollywood also loves Manhattan lofts!)

One Year Ago Today on Manhattan Loft GuyI wrote a year ago about a Manhattan loft about to be featured in a Big Time Movie: Shia LaBeouf doesn’t really live at 31 West 21 Street. That post contains what I

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true penthouse at 66 Madison Avenue forces the mansion tax, though not a loft

the seller held fastOne of these days I am going to look at Manhattan residential real estate sales right around the magic million, because it is my impression that buyers really really really don’t want to pay the ‘Mansion Tax’

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ever so rare before and after shots of 39 Worth Street loft

that (almost) never happens (hooray!)Long-time Manhattan Loft Guy readers may have noted the pregnant parenthetical that closed my post on April 15, 66 Crosby Street loft sells for $868/ft as a very tall project, wishing that we (well, I) could

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718 Broadway loft sells at $569/ft, not $1,064/ft, in 2011, not in 2007, or 2006, or 2005

price discovery can be painful, quiteMight do more on this Manhattan loft sale at a later point, but this will be a quick post about a sale that jumped out at me for a dramatically low price: the “1,405 sq

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Saturday diversion / 1980s music + 2011 bipartisanship edition

now try to get it out of your head!It has been a few weeks since the last Manhattan Loft Guy weekend diversion, perhaps because there are so many lofts, and so little time. I wonder if my brother whose birthday

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66 Crosby Street loft sells for $868/ft as a very tall project

how much for just the ceilings and the windows?The second floor in many classic Manhattan loft buildings is like the parlor floor in a brownstone: the ceilings are disproportionately high. In the case of the Manhattan loft #2CD at 66

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market changes, personified by 67 East 11 Street loft sale

a warm welcome for another poster child, please!When the Manhattan loft #711 at 67 East 11 Street (the Cast Iron Building) sold on March 17 for $760,000 to earned Manhattan Loft Guy poster child status, with a caption “into (and

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251 West 19 Street gets contract for birthday, but are they laughing?

funny thing about starting at the right priceUnlike the 80 Chambers Street loft that I hit on Monday after it closed after its first birthday, but had a contract just before the birthday, the Manhattan loft #3A at 151 West

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95 Greene Street, deadbeat condo owners, and small building risk

[updated]the inter-tubes are burningChristine’s Haughney’s latest Appraisal feature in the New York Times about war litigation in the condo loft 95 Greene Street has been flying around the ‘net and the twitterverse since it hit the web yesterday afternoon. A

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80 Chambers Street loft takes a year to go from $3.5mm to $2.75mm in an efficient (gasp!) micro-market

at least it got a birthday presentWhen the Manhattan loft #15F at 80 Chambers Street sold on March 17 at $2.75mm that closing capped a marketing campaign that started on February 11, 2010 at $3.5mm. In exchange for the 21%

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