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Sunday driving: down memory lane for October 2008 predictions about New York real estate

not quite all of the usual suspectsKeeping up the lighter weekend fare, while staying away from the bread and butter of closed Manhattan loft sales for another post, I came across a piece from the New York Daily News with

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did Bouley learn to clean up after himself on Duane Street?

or did the rental market improve on its own?One implication of an item from yesterday’s New York Daily News Best Places Voyeur is that restaurateur David Bouley has cleaned up his act; another may be that lawyers who use a

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coop boards behaving badly / 32 Gramercy Park South edition

you can’t make this stuff upTip of the Manhattan Loft Guy hat to Gothamist for pointing to the NY Post article and one in the Daily News reporting that the coop board at 32 Gramercy Park South has sued an

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