too pushy…?? thread Vol 3 / Tribeca build-out


reaching for a dream?

Am I getting carried away with this thread? Perhaps, but yet another candidate for the Goldilocks question came to market recently, raising the question of whether the seller is being too pushy about price in The (current) Market, or whether what looks to me as an aggressive price is just right. Time, as they say, will tell.


dashed dream?

Today’s contestant is essentially a gut renovation opportunity for a large Manhattan loft that changed hands only this past Summer at about $900/ft. Something happened to make those Summer buyers November sellers (stock portfolio imploded, perhaps?), as the loft is again for sale as a major renovation challenge (opportunity). But now the opportunity is valued at about $1,075/ft. Hhhhmmmm….


I don’t see Goldilocks springing for this near this asking price. Go ahead, somebody buy this thing and prove me wrong.




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