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classic loft project at 644 Broadway sells above ask after difficult price discovery

the story is longer than it looks from a quick look Maybe there’s a trend being born here, about downtown Manhattan lofts that have more trouble than typical buy-it-or-it’s-gone loft (or, a trend dying with this post). Today’s loft, submitted

fab 160 Wooster Street loft learns even beauty has to be priced right

10 months to contract in a Seller’s Market Here’s the thing about a Seller’s Market: it only benefits a seller who prices right (enough). For the “1,746 sq ft” Manhattan loft #2C at 160 Wooster Street at the top of

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same-loft resales are data points in The Market, not The Market itself (as at 208 Fifth Avenue)

granular data and the big picture I’ve been thinking about the quality of data, and about what data mean, in the Manhattan residential real estate market after my post about the StreetEasy Condo Index (October 5, in praise of StreetEasy,

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strict 2-bedroom loft at 222 Park Avenue South takes a while to find its buyer

appreciating the personal style I am not going to repeat the Caps Lock portion, but I can testify that the opening bit of broker babble about the “2,500 sq ft” Manhattan loft #3E at 222 Park Avenue South at the

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“B” loft line going wild at 245 Seventh Avenue, with new building record

another data point in a frenetic market (yawn) I may yet do an overview post about the various Manhattan residential quarterly market reports that are all over the print media and inter-tubes today (e.g., New York Times Home Sales Rose

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was the design / furniture CEO disappointed on sale of 150 West 26 Street loft penthouse?

probably (sigh) Whether views as boasting or not, broker babble that touts the seller’s personal and professional aesthetic cred personalizes a marketing campaign to an unusual degree. In the case of the “2,070 sq ft” Manhattan penthouse loft at 150

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65 West 13 Street “sale” is not a “sale”

less here than meets the eyeYou will not find the recent "sale" of the Manhattan loft 65 West 13 Street #9C in the Master List of Manhattan loft sales since November 2008 because I refuse to believe that it is

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if sold in 2005 and 2008 at same price, how to price a loft for 2010?

too weird to overlookI am not going to offer too many details about this currently-listed Manhattan loft, so prepare to be frustrated! I think this loft’s history is just too weird to not comment on, so nuts to you. The

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170 Fifth Avenue loft sales are confusing

sound + fury = what? (nothing??)In this episode, Manhattan Loft Guy chews on a sale price that just bothers him, and concocts a scenario to account for the odd transaction. For a small building (12 units) and a short history

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modesty rewarded, but 'how well?' remains the question

sometimes Manhattan Loft Guy gets it rightI posed a question on July 8 that was answered very quickly: will pricing 25% below 2007 hit The Market in a sweet spot?  The answer came in an update on StreetEasy the very

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