OYAToMLG / 31 West 21 Street movie loft edition (Hollywood also loves Manhattan lofts!)

One Year Ago Today on Manhattan Loft Guy
I wrote a year ago about a Manhattan loft about to be featured in a Big Time Movie: Shia LaBeouf doesn’t really live at 31 West 21 Street.

That post contains what I hope is the only time Charlie Sheen makes an appearance on Manhattan Loft Guy, in a riff on prior business uses in this old building:

I can’t help but wonder what floor "Evening of the Unusual" was on at 31 West 21 Street in 1984, and if the current owner would want to know what had gone on there. Maybe Charlie Sheen stopped by in the original Wall Street??

This started innocently (I swear), with a NY Times piece (and pix) of a spectacular loft. That led to beavers and farm implements, then to swinger’s clubs in the dawn of the age of AIDS, because this building, like many true Manhattan loft buildings, has a long history. How’s that for a Manhattan loft diversion?

The penthouse loft had a long on-and-off history, with prices from $16.5mm to $13.7mm in 2008 and 2009, then 3 recent months at $1.5mm $15mm; I see no record that the ‘soft marketing’ I mentioned a year ago was ever formalized; it is no longer an active sale listing.


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