4 open houses in Nobu’s nabe

(remember to check the agent websites Sunday morning to see if open house is still on)

(you want close?)
$2.685mm and $3,139/mo for “2,750 sq ft” in – as I said last week –
the Powell Building(better known now as the Nobu building, I suspect). Space is recently renovated (but still only 1 bath!), with the windows on the longer north and south (overFranklin Street). Not sure the north windows are much good (look closely at the master bedroom picture, as this building is no longer than the five-story building just to the north).

I believe this one sits directly on top of Nobu’s dining room.
on market 2 weeks

Open House Sunday Sept 30
12 – 2 PM
$1.65mm and $1,233/mo for 1,250 sq ft of “bright and airy “; funny shape but 2 long walls of windows; yes, that is Nobu across the street out those north-facing living room windows
on the market 3 weeks

Open House Sunday Sept 30
2:30 – 4 PM
Open House Wednesday Oct 3 12 – 1:30 PM
$1.495mm and $1,200/mo for 1,000 sq ft of “exquisite xxx mint” with only 3 pix and no floor plan; will that generate $1,500/ft in value?? You may not be able to see Nobu from here, but it is pretty much across the street
on the market one week

Open House Sunday Sept 30
2 – 4 PM

(okay, you have to walk 3 blocks to Nobu from here, but close enough)

$1.8mm and $1,747/mo for “1,700 sq ft” still with sparse description ; when I included it in last week’s open house review I said “probably looks at the Holland Tunnel spillway”, but it looks as though it is a glancing angle from the living room;
new this week; this kind of kitchen with 12 foot ceilings always has looked to me as just stuck onto the wall (YMMV); plumbing is here is clustered, and opposite the bedrooms
first showings were last week’s open house

Open House Sunday Sept 30
11:30- 1:30 PM

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