open house review / 2 more new lofts, both with potential

(remember to check the agentwebsites Sunday morning to see if open house is stillon)
$2.685mm and $3,139/mo for “2,750 sq ft” inthe Powell Building (better known now as the Nobu building, Isuspect). Space is recently renovated (but still only 1 bath!),with the windows on the longer north and south (overFranklin Street). Not sure the north windows are much good (lookclosely at the master bedroom picture, as this building is nolonger than the five-story building just to thenorth).
onmarket 1 week
Open House Sunday Sept 2312 – 2PM
$2.25mm and $1,100 months (condo; what are thetaxes??) for “3,200 sq ft” plus “800 sq ft” of roof rights (withpossibility of buying “2,500 sq ft” of additional roof rights) thatis — all in — all potential.No residential C of O yet (“within months”), “bring yourarchitect – anything can be done”, including dividing thespace; check the photos to see how rough this is. A fascinatingattempt to get a huge price (considering the renovation required)for a walk-up near Avenue D. (Only a two-flight walk-up –funny math to the 4th floor!). If you are going to bringyour architect, make it a group thing, and bring your lawyeralso.
newto market this week
Open House Sunday Sept 2312 – 2PM
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