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seller of Flatiron loft believes Manhattan loft market is not rational

I have to agree, and sympathize When the owner of the “2,352 sq ft” second floor loft at 26 West 20 Street brought his “estate condition”, “[b]ring your architect and contractor” property to market in February 2017, he had a

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challenging American Thread loft at 260 West Broadway finally sells (contract took 50 weeks)

  fools rush in (here comes Manhattan Loft Guy) … It is hard to argue with success, but I am going to try. The “1,365 sq ft” duplex Manhattan loft #9E at 260 West Broadway in the iconic American Thread

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67 East 11 Street loft sale and the utility of old media

when “news” isn’t new, to whom is it worthwhile?The January 11 sale of the Manhattan loft #704 at 67 East 11 Street (Cast Iron Building) is featured in today’s Residential Sales Around The Region feature in the the New York

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73 Worth Street neighbors (almost) fought over one buyer, $84k (loser closes closes down 10% since 2005)

the $84k may be more painful than the 10%The Manhattan loft #5B at 73 Worth Street closed on January 21 at $2.585mm, quite a step down from the $2,877,250 at which it was traded in September 2005. But the same-unit-different-year

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another big drop that worked / 69 Wooster Street closes under $1,000/ft after $850k drop

  but only 15% off A Manhattan loft on the 5th floor at 69 Wooster Street closed in April under $1,000/ft, despite the fact that it was "newly renovated in a classic but modern style" and a ridiculously low maintenance

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(too rich, too thin) too stylish to sell (well)?

vanilla (sold) vs. guava with hints of chili (languishing)I was going to do this post about a recent sale of a Manhattan loft (one of those great price! 3-weeks-to-contract price discussions), possibly followed by an aside about the remaining unit

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