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calm in the center of it all?
#7N at 116 West 14 Street is new this weekend, with the first showing next Sunday, July 29. With low monthly charges and taxes ($1,517/mo) for “2,000 sq ft” asking $2.3mm, the price seems a reasonable place to start a negotiation – for the buyer looking for such a convenient location who does not mind the (busy-busy-busy) location.
Iris Racant and Lonni Levy at Fenwick Keats Goodstein describe the kitchen as “professional”, the columns as original, and the 11 foot ceilings as “soaring”. The building was converted to condos only ten years ago, but the floors have the look (to me) of fairly loft-primitive (maybe it is just the photos, or my eyes).
great floor plan, OK windows
This corner unit has a terrific footprint, with five windows on the long south wall (7 stories above 14 Street) and three along the east wall, with the plumbing all along the south side. While there should be a lot of light even at only the 7th floor, the window-to-wall ratio is hardly exceptional. Three easy bedrooms and two widely separated baths.
But the big ‘issue’ here is location, location, location. 14th and 6th, 14th and 6th, 14th and 6th. Love it or leave it.
No recent sales in the building that I see. Property Shark shows this one as the last to change hands – just about two years ago, for $1.6mm (with the ‘official’ size as “1,763 sq ft”). It appears that half the original units are still owned by original condo owners (of 1997).
I am back from Las Vegas after the most spectacular four day real estate event of my (young?) life to date – the Mike Ferry Superstars Retreat. I will try to catch up on comments and get back to regular posting schedule post haste.
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