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Idon’t usually pay any attention to themarket for Manhattan lofts offered above $10 million, but today itcaught my eye that five of the six most expensiveManhattan properties that hit our inter-firm data base asnew to market today are lofts.
Whether objectively meaningful or not,that tidbit impressed the heck out of me. Don’t blame me if youdrool on the keyboard….
Number Two on the Top Six for today is #6B at481 Greenwich Street, which is “5,000 sq ft” of triplexedinterior space and “4,100” sq ft of outdoor space (including a 6thfloor “garden”) just north of Canal Street. It “may be the most romantic [penthouse]in NewYork”. You be the judge.Asking an even $14 million.
Number Three on the Top Six for today is PH-E at27 North MooreStreet, which is “3,532 sq ft”of interior space and the obligatory terrace. This is so new thatdetails and pictures are not yet available on the BHS website, butwhen they hit they should be available at this address underMyListings here. Asking $12.4mm. [Update 9.13 11 AM: it isstill not on the BHS site]
Number Four on the Top Six for today can probably be seenfrom the penthouse and terrace at 27 North Moore (Number Three),since 62 Beach backs right up against 27 North Moore.PH-A at62 Beach Street is “4,316 sq ft” (duplexed) plus “3,000 sq ft”outdoors. Asking $12.1mm.
Number Five on the Top Six for today is only sevenfigures. The 3rd floor at 76 Crosby Streetis “5,000 sq ft” is only$8.25mm, but has “a media room that can be a romantic nook”. Itseems to be too new to be on the Corcoran site yet, but when ithits the pictures, details and romance should be here. [update 9.12 noon: it’s there, so I added theclickable link to the address]
Number Six on the Top Six for today is the “2,424 sq ft”PH-12D at 65 West 13 Street, asking (stop here if we are slummingit now) $7.245mm (notice that they need more right side digitswhen they lack the left side digits?). This is anothertoo-new-for-the-website listing, but click hereat some later point for details.  [Update 9.13 11AM: it is still not on the PruDE site, but the inter-firm data says”coming soon”]
an 8-figure bonus
Yourreward for being this patient is the datum that the most expensiveManhattan property that came back on the market as of today isLoft 6 at 206 West 17th Street, asking $10.5mm for”6,000 sq ft” that can only be described as “impeccable” (whichmust be true because they said it twice). This has been on and offthe market for 18 months, but is just back today from a long Laborday vacation (it was TOM from Sept 1 to yesterday).
Drool, or not. Your choice. But for oneday — at least — downtown lofts dominate theManhattan market. Credit jitters? Liquiditycrisis?? Not according to these sellers….
BTW,I am not curious about Number One on the Top Six for today becauseit is a $17million four bedroom with 4,300 sq ft in a Park Avenue coop at71st Street that is an all-cash (and probably oodlesof assets) building. But you might be. That’s fine. Read someoneelse’s blog.
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