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new link, then some reprise
You’re all grown-ups, so can do what you want. But if you begin your holiday festivities today before acknowledging that the holiday today is a somber one, you’re not doing it right.

I was going to run some past Memorial Day notes today, but I can’t resist this story from Talking Points Memo (it must be elsewhere on the inter-tubes today, right?). We visited the National World War II Museum in New Orleans a few months ago, and probably paused in front of the case that has a diary of a 22 year-old Marine killed in Palau in 1944. I did not spend any time looking for relatives in any photos or exhibit material, but a 90 year-old lady did … and found the diary in which she is prominently featured, including with a photograph taped to the cover.

Imagine how surprising that must have been! A nice read for Memorial Day.

But this reprise is also nice, with links to the origins of the holiday and to my post about Pat Tillman, from past Manhattan Loft Guy holiday posts.

Now you can open that beer or eat that hot dog.

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