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Seven Years Ago Today on Manhattan Loft Guy

You were warned in my July 4 post that you’ve got a couple of weeks of archived Manhattan Loft Guy material coming up. In my July 7, 2006, dynamic city / time runs out on a stripped Tiffany’s, I reviewed the history and eventual denuding of a Tiffany’s flagship on Union Square. While I was right about the eventual outcome (in the Fourth Act, 140+ years down the line) I underestimated the power of the original structure to inspire 21st Century architects.

That building was not torn down for “the inevitable condo”; it was stripped to its bones and re-clad as a brand new (inevitable) condo, 15 Union Square West. The StreetEasy building page is
here; I have only blogged about those (inevitable) residential lofts once. I am pleased to see that in my April 3, 2012, 7-figure discount gets 15 Union Square West loft sold after 3 years, I not only mentioned the July 7, 2006 piece, but the companion piece referred to (but not linked) in that post, about the Nabisco headquarters at the west end of West 15th Street. More good stuff from the Manhattan Loft Guy archives!

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