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for Memorial Day, remember & learn before eating & drinking

reprise I & reprise III don’t think I can put it any better than I said it two years ago: Every American service member who has died in service is a tragedy for his or her family and for a

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Soho and Artist-In-Residence are back in the news, oddly

“hunting”? “harassing” really??I found this headline from DNAInfo Tuesday rather bizarre, Group Hunts Non-Artists Wrongly Living in SoHo and NoHo Lofts, and the article only slightly less so. It sounds as though some folks are targeting undocumented immigrants residents; in

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artist loft clears at $742/ft in south Soho, 307 West Broadway

how much more to create that masterpiece?There is a great span of values for primitive lofts, isn’t there? Today’s specimen is the “3,300 sq ft” Manhattan loft on the 6th floor at 307 West Broadway, a roughly 36 x 90

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a non-Easter diversion worthy of Easter

or, today in kidney transplant newsThis quote is from a  New York Times piece in yesterday’s paper that has nothing to do with Easter, or with religion, except that it is intensely apropos for me today, before I head out

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longtime Seaport photographer/resident losing her Brooklyn Bridge views

doesn’t scream about itThere is a great deal to like about the New York Times CityRoom blog post this week about a longtime South Street area resident (Barbara Mensch) who is losing views that have been her muse, and a

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Diversion: was gonna do baseball, but this is better

  30 lives saved, beginning with one selfless actYes, it is the beginning of spring training, but I will skip that this weekend. Today’s big above-the-fold front page story in the New York Times deserves a read. Truly. For more

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banging the View Diligence drum (again), for Glass Farmhouse loft views from 448 West 37 Street

once more into the breachDo you see the light gray band that stretches from 37th Street to 36th Street in the middle of the block between 9th and 10th Avenues on this building map from locating that terrific Manhattan loft

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151 West 17 Street loft sells up 9% in 16 months

at least everyone made moneyFrom a karmic perspective, it is nice that the “1,917 sq ft” Manhattan loft #6A at 151 West 17 Street (the Campiello Collection) has a fairly straight line sales history, with no hiccups or plunges: Dec

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transformed 7 Bond Street loft sells 8% above 2007

“Words cannot fully describe the beauty …” beats “beautifully renovated” by how much?Inquiring minds want to know the details of the work that was done to the “1,200 sq ft” Manhattan loft #4A at 7 Bond Street before it was

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holiday weekend diversion / leftovers

no, not those leftoversThese leftovers, and what Mark Bittman suggests you can do with the stuffing, potatoes, sauce and turkey that are still in your frig: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/11/20/magazine/rethinking-thanksgiving-leftovers.html?hpw And, as a bonus, an analysis of why we remember a sandwich with

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