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414 W 51 in contract, but you say tom-ah-toe

I say toe-may-toGreg Leveridge of JC DeNiro certainly knows his lofts, since he has been agent for many loft sales, including one at 543 Broadway I blogged about a couple of times. So maybe that proves that one person’s “loft”

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open house review across 17 Street

(remember to check the agent websites Sunday morning to see if open house is still on) You can walk from Eighth Avenue past Third Avenue on Sunday and see a wide range of Manhattan lofts (and ‘loft-like’ properties). 257 West

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the Tao of Lofts / essential features

There must be many opinions on what makes a loft a "loft", or where the line is between merely "loft-like" and a "true" loft. I know this because I see many listings for "lofts" that – to me – are

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