Old Grey Lady lets her hair down in obits

unusual “also surviving…” sentence
You can learn a lot reading the NY Times obituaries. About inventors and discoverers, Medal of Honor winners and Holocaust survivors, artists and (even) agents. Sometimes the best stuff comes at the end, rewarding the patient reader.
Sunday’s obits featured one for Ruth Webb, a Talent Agent Who Revived Flagging Careers. It was interesting to read that Ms. Webb did her telephone business “in a cloud of white satin bedsheets” on a bed with feather boas hanging from the bedposts, surrounded by raccoon plush toys. But the weird detail for me (did they fact-check??) was in the (usually) throw-away line for obits, the “also surviving“ sentence:
Also surviving are Ms. Webb’s companion of 35 years, Jamie Stellos, and Mr. Stellos’s wife, Nancy.
Now that is an interesting household constellation!
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