September 11, again

I will re-post what I said on this date two years ago, slightly updated:

It turns out that I am most definitely not able to post much of anything today, and still unable to read (let alone watch) what passes for media coverage of the seventh fifth anniversary.
Please click on [updated link; the old link no longer works and I could not find one more current than 2004] for a list of the people who died that day at the World Trade Center in Manhattan, the Pentagon and Shanksville, PA (with personal profiles some personal information).
As this is a blog about Manhattan real estate, please reflect as you read the names on the many places around the globe these New Yorkers came from (or their families came from in an earlier generation). A terribly sad, terribly potent cross-section of the global village that is Manhattan.
Pray in whatever way makes sense to you … for the people, their families, the world.
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