West 20s open house review

(remember to check the agent websites Sunday morning to see if open house is still on)
$1.895mm and $1,907/mo for “2,300 sq ft”; nearly square but only one wall of windows, one bathroom; as I said last week “the owner-resident-broker has very little to say (curious); my guess is she has lived here a long time since it was renovated”

new to market last week

Open House Sunday Sept 30
1- 2:30 PM
I hit it when new (Aug 21: new at 150 W 26 / one of the Merc’s children), where I noted:
“1,853 sq ft” of “loft treasure … infused with comfort and style”, offered for $2mm (common charges and real estate taxes are $1,668/mo). The category of prose that Curbed.com refers to as Broker Babble is a personal taste, of course, but I have always been a fan of the enthusiastic and specific way that Phillips and Gardiner present their lofts

Open House Sunday Sept 30
2 – 4 PM
$3.95mm and $2,229/mo for “3,970 sq ft” that was “recently renovated” and new two weeks ago, now with empty pictures; I also hit this one when it was new (Sept 12: big week for big new lofts / 142 W 26 joins parade)

Open House Sunday Sept 30
12 – 2 PM
Here’s what I said when it came back to the market last week (Sept 19 waiting for the market to grow / 521 W 23 BOM again):
This “beautifully renovated” “1,800 sq ft” loft (asking $1.975mm and $1,420/mo in taxes and common charges) shows up as new on the market Tuesday because there is a new exclusive arrangement with Pam d’Arc of Stribling. That arrangement succeeded the one with PruDE that lasted 13 months, ending in August, which followed an exclusive arrangement with Corcoran that lasted 5 months beginning in October 2005, which was preceded by an exclusive with PruDE that began in June 2004 (can’t tell how long that lasted officially). Yikes. [and]
The unit has a great layout, more “T”-shaped than Long-and-Narrow, with only the 8 south-facing windows along the top of the “T”, but with plumbing in enough places to give maximum flexibility. It is rather loft-y, with 13 foot ceilings and has the requisite beautiful “chef’s” kitchen with the proper proper names.

Open House Sunday Sept 30
1 -3 PM
$3.999mm and $2,359/mo (condo) for “3,000 sq ft” that “must be seen to be believed”; anything designed within an inch of its life will either appeal to you, or not; at this price, don’t buy it and change the knobs
on and off the market (mostly on) since November 2005 [two-oh-oh-five!] ($4.7mm)

Open House Sunday Sept 30
2 – 3 PM
$4.35mm and $3,037/mo (condo) for “2,515/sq ft” of “classic” loft with beamed ceilings and a low word-per-dollar ratio in the listing; nearly square layout with plumbing spread around provides maximum flexibility; windows on opposite walls (8 north, 8 south).
new this week

Open House Sunday Sept 30
12 – 2 PM

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