winter snow + sleet diversion / no football edition

pitchers, catchers applying liniment already
As Sammy Cahn would say, the weather outside is frightful. Although the word on the street is that there is some football to be played tomorrow (in frightful weather of a different sort?), the real sports number for today should be 28. As in, 28 days.

Pitchers and catchers (Molinas, et al.) for 9 major league baseball teams are set to report to spring training on February 18. Not a moment too soon! Yanks report on February 19. New York’s AAAA team waits until February 21 to get that jalopy roiling. Full reporting schedule, here.

geeks only, please
I put aside this lovely blog post a while back, waiting for a baseball diversion post. Check out Pinstripe Alley for a graphic demonstration of the (small) difference between Mediocre AJ and Bad AJ. (Best comment: “I liked the picture of the Milky Way / But it was a little blurry, is all”).

Hitler camp fans only, please
You will enjoy Hitler’s reaction to the Pujols signing if you are familiar with this meme.

And if you are a fan afraid of Albert? meh… Maybe the only thing the Angels will lead the league in is Intentional Walks Against. (If you believe Rob Neyer’s successor.)

In the lull between sleeting sessions, can’t you just hear the crack of the bat? Play ball!

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