New School tower on Fifth Avenue at 13th Street + 74 Fifth Avenue views

tower that teaches, but blocks
A January post about Manhattan loft
#8A at 74 Fifth Avenue triggered a discussion (with links) to the proposed tower the New School (New School University?) wants to build on the east side of Fifth Avenue between 13th and 14th Streets. (January 8, 74 Fifth back on market / ‘potential’ costs money).

exposures from "magnificent" to "missing"
As I noted in a comment response to readers Jess and Lofty,

What is touted at #8A [at 74 Fifth] as the “open exposures [that] are quite magnificent” are mainly the eastern exposures, which “flood[] this unique voluminous space with light all day long”. Maybe not in the morning for so long….

Curbed had a post yesterday about further efforts by the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation to oppose this "350-foot-tall" proposal, with a nice graphic and news of another public meeting at the New School to discuss this next Thursday.

meanwhile, back at 74 Fifth Avenue…
#8A is still on the market at 74 Fifth Avenue, still asking $2.595mm and $2,234/mo for “2,400 sq ft” with the “potential to be a showcase apartment”. As I noted in January, it started listing life in April 2007 at $2.85mm and #10A came to market in that time at $2.95mm. Reader Lofty saw both #8A and #10A and agreed with the thrust of my post "that a steeper discount is going to be required for 8A to move". It may be time to shop for a birthday card for #8A, as the more newsworthy the proposed 350 foot tower across the street becomes, the more skittish buyers will be.

(Weird that I can’t find a closing price for #10A in city records, which has been in contract since June and supposedly closed in September, but a reliable source says it was $1.925mm.)

More "A" line news from 74 Fifth: #7A sold in May 2006 for $2.65mm in not only "triple mint" condition, but one featured in Interior Design magazine. (Of course, #8A is offered for its "potential".)

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