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remember those two new public schools for downtown?
The TriBeCa Tribune is reporting that two of the new schools slated for construction downtown are delayed, due to what the Mayor’s office terms “delayed funding”. (Not much of an explanation, huh?)
The 6 to 8 classroom annex for PS 234 will be in the lot just west of the school (in the 200 Chambers St condo), but will not open until Fall 2008, one year later than anticipated. The Beekman St school, with room for 600 students, will not open until Fall 2009, again a year later than planned.
no funding delays for condos
Meanwhile, new housing development is not facing any “funding delays” (unless they don’t sell; not a problem to date). Nearly 1,000 new units will be ready for occupancy before these schools are ready. The new developments are at 101 Warren, 200 Chambers, and 88 Leonard, all of which (theoretically) feed into PS 234, which is already over-capacity.
Maybe they should only sell to families with really young children, or much older children…. (Just kidding.)
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