Broadway from Houston to Grace / 4 Sunday open houses

(remember to check the agent websites Sunday morning to see if open house is still on)
$2.195mm and $2,100/mo for “2,700 sq ft”; so many feet, so few windows (3, with Puck Building views); at 22 feet wide, this is a very long Long-and-Narrow
on market 6 weeks
Open House Sunday Oct 28 from 12:30 – 2 PM
$3.25mm and $2,255/mo for “2,700 sq ft”; I profiled it on Oct 4 when it was so new there were no details, no pix, no floor plan on PruDE’s site (684 Broadway has a new one), where I provided some building history; now that the full listing is up, It looks pretty sweet, with great light and clearing the Great Jones buildings across the street
Open House Sunday Oct 28 from 12 – 2 PM
$2.5mm and $2,449/mo for “3,050 sq ft” of “tremendous potential”, 1 bathroom and a very curious price history ($2.35mm in August 2006; contract signed in December after price drop to $2.1mm; board approved in February, but back on the market five weeks ago at $2.5mm); N.B., not for PETA members; footprint is very long and very narrow
Open House Sunday Oct 28 from 12 – 1:30 PM

808 Broadway #2J
$999k and $1,500/mo for “1,100 sq ft” plus outdoor space with another long history; I profiled it Aug 24 when it came back to market (oh dear / 808 Broadway #2J is back) and again on Oct 18 when they dropped the price – again (déjà vu (again) as 808 Bway drops price (again))
Open House Sunday Oct 28 from 2:30 – 4 PM

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