sun floods, contract follows at 39 Great Jones

[update 12.12.08: I have restored this post (below), as the reasons for having removed it in April no longer obtain]
I have removed the content of this blog post, as it comments about the current listing of another agent. For information about why, check out end of an era for Manhattan Loft Guy / a new day dawns? from April 9.
[The original post:]

the well-priced loft sells …
… quickly. As usual.

Penthouse 6 at 39 Great Jones Street came to [the Manhattan loft] market just over 4 weeks ago, asking $2.675mm and $1,600/mo for "2,235 sq ft" of "authentic duplex penthouse" that "sun floods". The Market liked the sun, or the "superb" kitchen, or the location, as it is now in contract. [updated below]

scissor duplex
The duplex floor plan is unusual in that the upper floor faces (mostly) south and the lower (bedroom) floor faces (mostly) north, such that very little of the upper part is directly on top of the lower part. (This makes sense if you look at the floor plans and note the interior stair locations on each floor.) The only other loft building I know that has scissor duplexes like this is 22 West 26 Street.

did the sun do it?
#2 sold here last May for $2.5mm after a short time on the market (3 weeks to contract) at $2.295mm and $1,600/mo for "2,400 sq ft" (it is a full floor loft). That one was marketed as (hold your breath here) "exceptional and authentic", "gut renovated … from an artist’s perspective", and "[u]nlike all the other designer lofts, this one is actually unique and without equal". That prose is from the Steinberg-Senequier at PruDE (who know their lofts), so I gotta believe that one had nicer finishes than the Penthouse, but not as nice light or sun. One year later, and 4 floors higher, the Penthouse succeeded off a higher price than the 2d floor.

Tip of the hat to Glen Norrgard and John Tenore of Stribling for finding the price point and marketing plan to attract a (relatively) quick contract.


[Update 12.12.08: the deed was filed on April 2 at $2.6mm — a 97% solution]

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