another minimal drop in minimal masterpiece at 8 West 13 Street

[update 12.3.08: I have restored this post (below), as the reasons for having removed it in April no longer obtain]
I have removed the content of this blog post, as it comments about the current listing of another agent. For information about why, check out end of an era for Manhattan Loft Guy / a new day dawns? from April 9.

[The original post:]


death by small increments? (ouch)
I hit #2F at 8 West 13 Street when it was new at $1.5mm for “1,100 sq ft” of “museum quality” (July 9: min to the (small) max / new at 8 W 13; note Reader Jess’s citation to the August 2007 Architectural Digest) and again when the price dropped a second time, from $1.45mm to $1.35mm (December 17: not buying the minimalism (yet) / 8 W 13 drops). I hit it again when they had a price drop in January (minimal drop at minimal beauty / 8 West 13 Street drips).

oops they did it again
I was disappointed to see that this baby has not sold yet; worse, it just had another price drop — this one more significant than the last. The new price (as of yesterday) is $1.25mm. So far, that is 18% off the original $1.5mm asking price from July.

As I said on January 28:

It is difficult to determine the Market Price for such a (yes, I have to use the “u” word) … unique loft. Someone could build another one like it, but they haven’t done that. Until they do, anyone who loves the look here will have to consider squeezing themselves (and a roommate, or not) into 1,100 sq ft.

I am rooting for this one, and watching the way you watch a potential car wreck in slow motion (screech of brakes, but will they hit??). Heart on sleeve, I hope this loft finds a buyer who will love it as is, at/near this price. Any takers?

Hello! Any takers??

[update 12.3.08: yes; it wsa taken for $1.1mm with a deed filed on June 23]

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