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more not-staying-the-same, East Village edition / will a developer develop?

maybe they are diversifying down?Gothamist is calling the new nabe Extell-land, referring to the East Village area bounded by 10th and 14th Sts, 2d Av and Av B, since the Extell Development Corporation bought 17 buildings in that grid. The

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the scale is immense / 5 year NYC population changes

  Today’s Times has a piece about New Yorkers who were here “then” and New Yorkers who are new. I don’t know if I can deal with blogging about “then” (we’ll see, next week) but the stats about how the

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nothing stays the same / Stuyvesant Town before and (soon to be) after

  two perspectives on Stuyvesant Town The Times ran two nice Op-Ed pieces on Sunday in “The City” section that come from two directions at the recent news that Met Life is putting the 100+ buildings of Stuyvesant Town and

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The other side of the illegal loft story / conflicts with industrial policy

  As a follow-up to my July 19 blog about the potential benefits from living illegally in non-residential space (such as living rent-free), there was a terrific item last week on about the tension between the City’s industrial development

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The strange case of the rent-free loft / the dicey math of illegal lofts

  Fascinating piece in the Village Voice about the peculiar oh-so-New-York dance that can happen when a landlord accepts residential tenants into a non-residential building. Among other things, landlords are severely restricted in using the courts to collect rent or

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dynamic city / time runs out on a stripped Tiffany

  Here is the second of two posts inspired by Sunday’s NY Times that got me thinking about how dynamic New York City is.   From champagne to jewels Sunday’s Real Estate section carried a piece about an ugly building

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dynamic city / champagne in a cookie building

  Two pieces in Sunday’s NY Times got me thinking about how dynamic New York City is. I suppose that other cities are similarly dynamic, but the relative age, breadth and range of the City, and its sharp geographic boundaries,

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