the Tao of Lofts / essential features

There must be many opinions on what makes a loft a "loft", or where the line is between merely "loft-like" and a "true" loft. I know this because I see many listings for "lofts" that – to me – are not lofts at all, but "apartments".

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, of course. And everyone is entitled to mine, as well.
Lofts have to have (a) a sense of "space", (b) "high" ceilings, (c) lots of windows (the bigger the better), and (d) the flexibility afforded by only a few structural columns or other load-bearing elements.

Lofts don’t have to have (a) a prior non-residential use (at this point it is pointless to quibble over brand new loft buildings) or (b) the Tao of Lofts – essential features like exposed mechanicals, visible girders, beams or columns, but it helps.

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