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high floor low ceiling loft at 25 West 15 Street closes on 2nd contract, 2nd price

strange historyThe “1,800 sq ft” Manhattan loft on the 6th floor at 25 West 15 Street took 5 months to find a contract that stuck, using two asking prices (the second higher than the first), but until August all the

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REBNY does its job, takes anti-social stance against tax consistency

the problem with REBNYBecause all agents in all firms that are members of the Real Estate Board of New York are required to be REBNY members, I got a bit of email propaganda from the president of REBNY on behalf

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need renovation stories / a reader writes for help

how far could $150/ft go? A faithful reader wrote in off-line asking for help in ball-parking the potential renovation expense in buying a loft that would need a lot of work. More precisely, he said: I have mostly been looking

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