serious price drop in the way far East Village / 735 E 9 St sheds 12%

it can cost a lot to walk-up
I touched on the 4th floor walk-up “extremely unique loft environment” (4FW at 735 East 9th St), when it was new to market only two weeks ago (new at 9th + D / double secret probation above $1,100/ft). Apparently, they are listening to the dreadful marketing sounds of silence, as the price has dropped from $1.4mm to $1.225mm (for 1,215 sq ft and “[f]eatures too numerous to mention”). This change brings the price to just about $1,000/ft.
a price change that can change expectations
That is what I call a serious price drop, one that can change the market for a property, rather than a death-by-small-increments approach that so many owners and/or agents use. (See puzzling price policy / slow death near Union Square and more price pain on 16 St /if you knew then what you know now….)
Kudos to Mary Ann Cotter at Corcoran for stepping up to the need for a beyond-cosmetics price change. Given the neighborhood and the walking-up, $1,000/ft still seems high to me, but I will be curious to see if this grown-up step gets to a contract. There’s still a lot I don’t get about this listing, though (hence the Animal House reference in the title of my new-this-week on this one, new at 9th + D / double secret probation above $1,100/ft).
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