guessing about the new one at 29 W 15 St (why?)

7th Fl at 29 W 15 St (new last week) is an intriguing possibility, in part because of the guess work required to assess the condition.
Priced right at $1,000/ft (said to be 2,250 sq ft, asking $2.25mm, with $1,589/mo in maintenance), it is a classically Long-and-Narrow loft with five side windows. All the plumbing is in the middle, so it is along walk in your jammies from the rear bedrooms (the floor plan shows only 1.5 baths).
Parnell O’Connell at Brown Harris hints that this is a renovator’s special (“[t]here are no columns, providing maximum flexibility for a purchaser to remodel to suit their own needs”), which is consistent with there being only one photograph on the web. (Would be nice if they were more direct about that, no?) Could that be electrical wiring running under the rug in the living room (sole) photo?? What is that floor made of (concrete?)?
The third floor changed hands in January 2005 for $1.325mm (marketed as being 1,900 sq ft, btw), so the 7th floor is charging quite a premium for about 40 feet of height. They say the light is “excellent”, but the higher floor unit I have been in at this address could not be described as having wonderful light (maybe it is the layout).
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