gimme a B at 7 Essex / 7B is new, 6B and 8B might be going

one good price leads to…
I talked about a new (in 2003) loft building outside the classic Manhattan loft neighborhoods when I featured open houses off the beaten (loft) track / 454 W 46 + 430 E 10 + 7 Essex two weeks ago.
Unit 6B at 7 Essex Street had been for sale for $1.3mm but has had an accepted offer since February (maybe there is a problem with that sale??). 8B has been for sale since July (most recently for $1.65mm) and has an accepted offer for three weeks (maybe there is a problem with that sale also??). Now 7B is on the market at $1.715mm, an optimistic premium above the 8B asking price.
Obviously, 7B has the same 1,574 sq ft footprint and essentially the same views as 8B and 6B. Makes it seem as though the market penalty for 6B’s unusual décor is in excess of $300k.
The 7B owner will feel lot better about the market if 6B and 8B really do get contracts signed soon….
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