open house review / 4 new lofts from 4 to 2.8

(remember to check the agentwebsites Sunday morning to see if open house is stillon)
$4mmand $2,554/mo for :3,500 sq ft” that is a little shy (thedescription notes that it is wide, has original details, modernluxury bathrooms, chef’s kitchen, is sun blasted, has 4 exposures,high ceilings, oversized windows, but is relatively restrained inits prose). Note the diss to Joe Papp — there is no mentionof the Public Theater in the description of “Downtown’s newestneighborhood of choice.” Yes, there are four exposures, but two ofthem are from one window each. With 49 feet across the more’narrow’ east and west sides, this is not quite Long-and-Narrow,though not what I would call nearly square. Nice and big, withplumbing along one long wall and in at least one spot in themiddle. The restrained prose, the number of interior photos (two),and the use of the word “proposed” in two places on the floor plansuggest this space may profit from anupdating, upgrade, or work.
onmarket 1 week
Open House Sunday Sept 2312 – 1PM
$3.8mm and $1,960/mo for “2,400 sq ft” oftriplexed space + 2 terraces in a very un-traditional loft nabe. Imay be visually challenged, but I am having trouble ‘reading’ thefloor plans to come up with 2,400 sq ft in this 20′ 7″ wide footprint. And yes, that medallion window is rather remarkable. (Isthat room height 30 feet, or just 20??)
onmarket 1 week
Open House Sunday Sept 231 – 3PM
$3.1mm and $2,620/mo (condo) for “2,815 sq ft” inyet another sign that deluxe Tribeca is stretching towards WallStreet (geographically, not metaphorically). This conversion isabout 5 years old, involving connecting and integrating fourbuildings (like 80 Warren Street, but 20 years later), which may bewhy the interior walls are so think on the floor plan and why thereis a very traditional-apartment layout.
onmarket 2 weeks (actually, not so new; Tabak had it for 3 months at$3.65mm and $3.499mm before Corcoran listed it Sept13)
Open House Sunday Sept 2312 – 2PM
$2.85mm for “2,000 sq ft” for which (they say)”the pictures say it all”, so I will honor that except to note thatwith no maintenance this can’t be a qualifying residentialcooperative association for IRS purposes (January 16: IRS rules for coops / beware the 80/20rule). Oh, and to add that central air (as here) is avery good thing to have on Broome Street, 15 feetor so above the Holland Tunnel flow.
onmarket 1 week
Open House Sunday Sept 231 – 2PM
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