the 1.6 open house tour

Sunday 12 – 1
$1.599mm and $1,594/mo (condo)
1,865 sq ft of classic Manhattan loft Long-and-Narrow type, but it has two side windows for a second “bedroom” (more a guest room, with French doors into the master bedroom and an [open?] doorway to the kitchen). Can’t see much from the pix and web other than the exposed brick, old-fashioned steam radiators, hardwood floors and high ceilings (11 ft??), and they ain’t bragging about the kitchens, baths or much of anything else.
On the market since November ($1.649mm).
Sunday 1 – 3
$1.595mm and $1,592/mo
This is hardly a classic loft, and some might argue it is not a “loft” at all. While it is adapted residential space, it is not of the traditional loft-from-industrial-use provenance.
I suspect that most people who walk this block only once in a while do not even realize that it is not still a church. Very Greek revival, indeed. The result is some tall but small spaces, such as this 1,100 sq ft layout with 14 foot ceilings and three levels. (When you look at the floor plan, remember to mentally slide the sleep loft section on top of the lower floor – match the stairs and you will see what I mean.)
Laurie Dietz at Corcoran is not saying, but I think this one looks into the middle of the block; if so, it is very quiet. Serene, even.
Laurie has a church “penthouse” in the building in contract, 1,300 sq ft with private deck off an asking price of $1.995mm. Spaces like this are so unusual, they are a nightmare for appraisers. #205 looks to be bigger, and sold in June 2005 for $1.66mm.
New to market this week.
Sunday 2 – 4
$1.635mm and $1,500/mo
Fourth floor walk-up in former firehouse (again, not of the traditional loft-from-industrial-use provenance). This looks like very cool space, rewarding the walk up. (And an elevator is coming.)
They’re not saying, but looks to be about 1,300 sq ft of the Long-and-Narrow variety. Though they are saying it could “easily” become a 2 bedroom, it looks like a classic One Bed Wonder to me (what is a One Bed Wonder?), especially with just the one bathroom. (Need some fancy drafting for 2 real bedrooms.) Don’t know why they are saying “centrally Located” in “lower Tribeca” (central to the edge?), but it is a convenient location for transportation of all kinds, for sure, for sure. The block is undergoing … change. Massive change. Good news (long term), for sure, for sure, especially after that elevator comes in.
New to market this week.
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