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lux diversion / Time Warner or 165 Charles as better “investment”?

not much gain for PortmanBraden Keil’s Gimme Shelter grab bag in today’s NY Post (hat tip to Curbed for pointing it out) mentions two celebrity Manhattan real estate transactions that caught me eye, though neither involves a real loft. The

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176 Perry has new loft in mid-8 figures

just for sh*ts and gigglesI am not going to go into too many details here, but the new listing for #8-9-10 at 176 Perry Street sorta jumped out and bit me today : “11,000 sq ft” triplex, with taxes and

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another quick contract at 720 Greenwich

The Towers earn an impressive premiumTwo weeks ago I posted about #6D at 720 Greenwich Street, as it went into contract within about three weeks of being listed (Oct 24: quick contract, long history of appreciation at 720 Greenwich). That

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