nine years ago today … Manhattan Loft Guy post #1

how many ‘years’ is that in Internet time?

(Can’t say that I miss Lorne Green often, but this question prompts one of those times.)

Quick post without any downtown Manhattan lofts to discuss (directly). It was March 19, 2006 that I clicked “Send” on my first blog post, back when I was (still) editing a (never to be published) personal website. I kept tinkering, and my web design guy kept offering improvements in look and/or functionality, and … tempis, it fugited (as it is wont to do). I needed an outlet for some of the content I was writing about the then-current market, and happened upon ‘three amigos’ who offered a free blogging platform for real estate sales folks.

I’ve since platformed over to WordPress, but thank you, Internet Crusade. And thank you to any readers (especially to loyal readers!). It’s been swell. Some old posts got lost in the transition, but the Archives have 2,282 posts in nine years. This will be lucky #2,283.

If your memory lane is not too crowded, click on my Archives from that first month, March 2006. You’ll find ten posts in a short month, and topics from Zillow to lofts-as-fashion, to what Soho smelled like back in the day (hint: think Havana), to public schools in Tribeca.

Here’s to nine more years!

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One comment on “nine years ago today … Manhattan Loft Guy post #1
  1. scott engler says:

    keep it up! i love this site. well done on the first 9!

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