what is a 1 bed wonder?

large lofts suitable for one person or a couple
I remember talking to people last year (and the year before that) about a spectacularly beautiful 2,000 sq ft loft, with very high-end finishes and a truly “Zen-like” renovation. Aside from remembering how nerve-wracking it was to tour at an open house with their kids (“don’t touch anything!”), they easily remembered how beautiful and serene it was.
Then I asked if they noticed how few of the “walls” went all the way to the 12 ft ceiling. “Uhhh … no.”
This loft – which has been on and off the market for 2+ years – is a quintessential 1 Bed Wonder. Part of its (considerable) charm is that it feels so open, that it flows so well. Part of that charm is because the “walls” did not completely enclose the master bedroom, the guest room, and the library, all of which shared these walls with the open living area.
The original owners had great taste – and a house in the country for entertaining grandchildren overnight. It was simply not a space in which you would want someone else sleeping in a different bed. The present owners put it on the market as they were about to have a child. I have no idea how they live in that space with a child.
The “problem” with that specific space is that if you were to renovate it to make it suitable for a family, you would probably ruin its charm. It may live and die (and sell, or not sell) as a wonderful space in which everyone but the owners go somewhere else to sleep every night.
Other 1 Bed Wonders are more forgiving of renovation possibilities. Add some walls, expand a half bath into a full bath – or even more substantial renovations – would not necessarily reduce the beauty of the space.
There are lots of such spaces out there. I will collect a few here from time to time.
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