really big One Bed Wonders with really big prices at 716 Broadway + 32 Laight

One type of One Bed Wonder (what is a One Bed Wonder?) among Manhattan loft styles is dictated by the footprint and window placement. With no windows along a “long” side, the Long-and-Narrow lofts might only have one legal bedroom (in some cases – with windows on only one “narrow” side — no legal bedrooms). Here is one of each.
At 25 ft wide but 2,600 sq ft overall, 716 Broadway 2d floor takes the classic loft layout Long-and-Narrow to extreme lengths. With windows only at the narrow ends, this is one loooong One Bed Wonder.
Interesting that the PruDE listing system allows an override for the normal field for (number of) “Bedrooms: “, as the listing reveals “rooms: 6” and “Bathrooms: 2.5”, but says nothing about number of bedrooms. At the moment there is only the one, a 25 ft wide master, though that width (and 2 windows and a door to the terrace) certainly should permit a second real BR being added.
But until then, this is a pretty darn big One Bed Wonder, asking $2.65mm.
The Long-and-Narrow 32 Laight St 4th floor goes 716 Broadway one better as a One Bed Wonder: the master bedroom here has no windows, because the four windows are only on the front of the loft, on the east wall, away at the end of the 59 ft living room. Sounds as though there is a pretty cool “private dressing closet” behind the master bedroom, but there’s still only one bedroom – and a dark one at that.
With 2,454 sq ft, this is another big one. (Check out the LR-facing-windows picture for a sense of what an empty Long-and-Narrow loft can look like.) Asking $2.35mm.
Open House Sunday 1 – 3.
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