new at 116 W 14 / where are the ceilings?

$1,000/ft condo
#8N at 116 West 14 Street [fixed the link; THX Adam] is new to market today, a condo loft asking $1.995mm and $1,527/mo in taxes and common charges for “2,000 sq ft”. Other than noting that this is triple mint, Samara Heafitz of Corcoran is not doing any bragging here. (Just 2 interior photos.)

There’s 40+ feet facing north, with just 5 windows, but the plumbing runs all along the south wall. There are “13 foot ceilings” and 6 columns. This may be a “prime downtown block” for transportation and shopping, but for many people the notion of living on 14th Street is not appealing. This is technically Greenwich Village, as the other side of the street is technically Chelsea, but technicalities only get you so far.

The 8th floor must be just a little shy of clearing the view north, as there is a “full city view” with no mention of the
Empire State Building, which is plainly visible from the roof deck. (The 13 story condo across the street is not visible from the roof of this 12 story building, but I guess it is tall enough to interfere on the 8th floor.)

No units have changed hands in the building in the last two years, but three lofts in this line sold from $1.45mm to $1.6mm between December 2004 and August 2005.

Hatfields and McCoys
#8A, the other unit on the floor, has been offered for sale since July, asking $2.3mm and $1,507/mo for “2,000 sq ft”. Not much bragging there, either, except about a “professional large kitchen”. #8N’s new price can’t make the #8A neighbor too happy; it will be interesting to see if #8A responds to the lower price for #8N.

11, 13 or….
If you go to either one, please bring a firm tape measure. As noted above, #8N has “13 foot ceilings”. #8A boasts only “11 ft” ceilings — though they are “soaring”.

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