is 4,600 sq ft enough? 2 chances at 17 W 17 St

raw loft space at $700/ft
I blogged about the 3rd fl unit at 17W 17 St when I saw three West 17th Street lofts within a short time in December (selling West 17th St / 3 very different lofts almost on top of each other).
The 5th floor is newly available, and in similar raw-and-ready-to-be-built-out condition (except that the 5th floor is now a design showroom, vs. the tool and die on the 3d floor). Bonnie Wyper at Corcoran is representing this loft, asking $3.25mm (and $3,300/mo). As she says, “the traditional steel and concrete construction and 4 centered baring columns provide an eminently flexible space for your architect to turn this fabulous loft into a dream home”. (In case you are wondering about buying and using only part of the space, when I to Fred Williams at Sothebys about the 3rd floor, it seemed that the 4,600 sq ft space can be sub-divided into two units, but perhaps not very gracefully, given where the elevator is and the light comes in.)
One could spend $300-per-foot in doing a wonderful build-out ($1.5mm) on the 5th floor, and just be at $1,000/ft in total. If one had that kind of money and needed that kind of space.
As Judy asks (rhetorically, I am sure) in her listing description: “Where else can you find this kind of space in Manhattan?
Is it rude to answer a rhetorical question??
There is at least one other place to find this kind of space in Manhattan, six floors above this space, where Fred Williams at Sothebys is offering the PH for $3.95mm (and $3,328/mo). Look at the pictures of the Empire State Building and Met Life Building at night and at day to decide if that view is worth $700k more than the 5th floor. (Fred used to have another place to “find this kind of space”, but that 3rd floor is now in contract; they were asking $2.9mm, since August.)
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