#3N at 10 Leonard St just went into contract this week after six months on the market, off an asking price of $1.199mm (and a relatively high maintenance for a non-doorman loft of $1,157/mo for a 1,000 sq ft loft).
It is described as a “junior loft” with a “distinct ‘L’ shape [that] provides privacy for the bedroom”, but there’s no floor plan on the Corcoran site and the pictures take some study to figure out the layout. Perhaps there is no floor plan because they want you to fall in like with the beautiful finishes (truly beautiful) before you see that that Distinct L Shape provides privacy for the bedroom only from the kitchen – unless I am missing a sliding panel, the “bedroom” is open to the living room. (That is probably the reason why the floor plan is omitted; can’t think of another one.)
Definitely a beautiful loft. Probably perfect for a single person who entertains a lot.
This one had a bouncy price history, coming to market in November for $1.199mm, then rising $100k for six weeks before dropping back to the starting price two months ago. (Why’d they do that?)
The only recent sale I see in this small building (16 lofts) was #7S, which sold in January at $1.94mm for 1,723 sq ft. Check out that listing to see how nicely tricked out that top floor unit was when it sold for $1,126/ft. I wonder if the junior loft four floors lower did as well on a $/ft basis.
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