do any of you people know how to pray?

today would be a good day
No real estate news from Manhattan Loft Guy today, but a most personal request. If you are the praying type, please offer some today for me and for Susan Smelin. We will be at Columbia Presbyterian today and some time around 9 AM she will become the proud owner of my left kidney. I can live without it just fine, but she can’t.

She suffers from polycystic kidney disease, which developed into end-stage renal disease last year, and without a transplant she will have to go on dialysis (3 days/week in the hospital, or more frequently at home). Dialysis, I gather, is not fun and not everyone tolerates it. Beginning within about 30 minutes after the operation, my (former) kidney will be working just swell for her.

My recovery is relatively brief (out of the hospital on Sunday, most likely), activity level reduced for a few weeks after that; hers is more extensive, with a lifetime regimen of ant-rejection drugs.

Both of us could use any and all prayers. You non-praying types out there can just send good thoughts our way. Appreciate it!

will you need your kidneys after you die?
Uhhh, no, you won’t. Nor any other parts of your body that someone else might benefit from having. The New York Donor Network website is, where you can get information about donating organs after you don’t need them. There’s a form you can fill out, print and mail that enrolls you in the donor program, which you can access here. The main site has many, many links if you want further information about organ transplants.

I am going on blogger’s medical leave, at least through Labor Day. (Let me know if you need to see a note from my doctor.) Be back sometime next week.


[Update Sept 8: home yesterday; all went VERY well; Susan is well begun on a long journey, so keep her in your prayers. THANKS TO ALL ]


[Update Sept 14: feeling very well, but marshalling energy; I am well on the way to a successful recovery. Susan’s had a couple of up-and-downs but should be home today (2d time), but is getting stronger, with a ‘beautiful’ kidney ]

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