wondering about the 1 Bed Wonder at 543 Broadway

The 2d fl at 543 Broadway is new to the market this week, claiming to be “sprawling 2,500 sq ft” of “sexiness, charm and luxury” for $2.275mm ($1,550/mo maintenance). I can’t speak to the sex or charm, but the sprawl is a different matter.
This is a true 1 Bed Wonder (what is a One Bed Wonder?), as it is Long and Narrow, with windows only on one narrow side (over Broadway, on the second floor). There’s one bathroom, as configured, but it looks as though you could add a second along the long wall that has both the master bath and the kitchen.
Greg Leveridge of JC DeNiro gives the dimensions as 20’4” x 77’ for the main room and 20’4” x 13’4” for the bedroom (without taking anything away for the stair and elevator). That math gives me 1,833 sq ft. Maybe it’s really 24 feet wide (giving only 2,160 sq ft) or maybe it’s not really 2,500 sq ft.
Property Shark shows this same unit changed hands last August for $1.625mm (maybe the sex, charm or luxury was added afterwards). [see comment June 26, below, about prior sales data in Property Shark]
Open House Sunday 12 – 2
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