Terrific locution, but everything old is


… new again, in the NY Sun article New York’s Newest Suburb.

I love TriBurbia


Here’s the lead:  Welcome to "TriBurBia."LOVE that "TriBurBia"! (But shouldn’t that be TriBurbia??)


This reads like one of those everyone-so-often articles that editors ask for. Just imagine the conversation. Ed: “how long has it been since we did an overcrowding in TriBeCa article?” Rep: “Must be two years, at least.” Ed: “go get ‘em….”


The new data for this round is the Census data that there were fewer than 35,000 residents below Canal Street in 2000 while the Community Board 8 Chair estimates the present population as over 50,000. That is impressive growth. But the media had the same articles when the population was closer to much smaller.


Nothing against Karie Parker Davidson, but I would swear I read quotes just like this five years ago. Even ten years ago. Even twenty years ago, when I lived in TriBeCa.


"Our secret is out," a 39-year-old TriBeCa resident, Karie Parker Davidson, said. "There used to be nobody on the sidewalks, and you knew absolutely everyone in the neighborhood. Now, there are tons of strollers, but chances are you still know everyone." ….

"It’s starting to feel a little crowded," Ms. Parker Davidson said. "The economics are different; the demographics are different. People here have tried to maintain that downtown, artsy feel, but you can’t have an edgy, artistic neighborhood without artists."

Indeed, I distinctly recall feeling in about 1986 that you couldn’t take a stroller into Washington Square Park until someone else with a stroller vacated.


But the locution TriBurbia justifies all! I don’t know if it is original to Sun reporter Gabrielle Birkner or not, but it is new to me.  Thanks Gabrielle!


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