real loft discovered in Turtle Bay / NY Times features small loft in funny place

2d Av loft building – go figure
Today’s NY Times ‘On The Market’ features a loft that is unusual in at least three ways (not counting the green walls): it is just off 2d Av, it is under $1mm, and it is a prewar doorman building.
But it is legit. The building is a former factory and the loft has 14 ceilings, big windows and a sense of space. (No comment on the green walls.)
#15M is offered at $825k for 1,000 sq ft by Bellmarc’s Gina Kuhlenkamp, who looks as though she makes a living in this building. As Vivian Toy in the Times notes, it has river views, is airy and light but (Grey Lady understatement??) “maintenance is on the high side”. At $2,045/mo for about 1,000 sq ft, I would say the maintenance is on the very high side, especially for a building with so many units (300+). But the building does have a fitness room and roof deck, as well as the doorman and renovated lobby and hallways. Regardless, two bucks a foot is a lot. My guess is that their taxes are very high and/or they have been left with a very high underlying mortgage from the conversion in 1988.
TurtleBayTowers is a condop. There are 13 units for sale, from a 500 sq ft “loft” for $395k to a penthouse 1500 sq ft unit for $1.39m (with maintenance of $4,755!), with FIVE open houses today. But not this one.
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