another Broadway odyssey / 710 Broadway (finally) closes

toddler no more
When I hit the Manhattan loft on the 2d floor at 710 Broadway in January, it was in its toddler stage, having passed its listing-birthday in December (Jan 9, 710 Broadway is slimmer after holiday break). Property Shark (but not StreetEasy) reveals the information that  a deed was filed transferring this loft on June 5, for $2mm.

As I said in January about it’s history

It took only 2 weeks off the market over the break of the year but is back today [January 9], at the slightly reduced price of $2.195mm. (It started at $2.5mm in December 2006, changed firms in March and has been at $2.295mm since April, with a long summer vacation off the market.)

negotiable, indeed

Thus, the sellers were rather negotiable off of the $2.295mm asking price, with a deal struck at $2mm even (how low did the bidding start??). If the quoted size is accurate, that is $816/ft.

I noted in January that the layout was both quirky and challenging:

This “2,450 sq ft” space is relatively narrow at 21.5 feet, with the classic three windows in front (over Broadway) and in back; it is also tall enough (at 14 feet) to have a mezzanine over the kitchen and bathrooms with 2 sleep loft / office spaces. The footprint is challenging, so narrow that the 2d “bedroom” in the back is only 7.5 feet wide, with a long ‘dressing room’ between it and the window. The plumbing is in the middle of the loft, so the bathrooms are back-to-back and a long way from the bedroom.

There are no pictures of the kitchen or baths (and no bragging unless you count “jacuzzi”), which is consistent with my recollection that these elements are pretty dated.

"Quirky" may limit the market of potential buyers (fewer people appreciate your quirks), but "challenging" definitely limits the market. The result (at this location) is a clearing price wll below average for a Manhattan loft.

long, but not that long

This is the second recently completed odyssey on this block. 714 Broadway #4 took more than two years, as I noted in an April 30 post, O – d – y – s – s – e – y ends at 714 Broadway with 4th floor closing. (Irritating fact out of the Manhattan Real Estate Industrial Complex is that that coop sale — for which a deed was filed almost 3 months ago — does not yet have a publicly available sales price that I can find.)

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