Quote Of The Day / Soho artists + traffic / Marcel Marceau edition

staying with artists in Soho, even silent ones
I filed this one away a while back, discovered when I was searching the inter-tubes for information and commentary about the Soho artist-in-residence rules and impact … which is becoming something of a Manhattan Loft Guy fixation, I admit. I keep thinking Big Thoughts about Soho And The Artist Conundrum, which just prevents me from posting a bite-size thought or two. (Note to self: take smaller bites!)

The QOTD is from the Streetsblog blog (ouch) discussion almost three years ago about Soho traffic. You will see comments from the always-good-for-a-colorful-quote head of the Soho Alliance (if you read all the way through; fascinating stuff!) but the blog post has today’s quote (in bold) and the full context for this:

Though the specter of mime-filled streets truly is terrifying (and quite politically savvy — I mean, who’s going to speak up for the mimes?) does a bad case of coulrophobia outweigh the potential benefits of car-free Sundays?

Brilliant question! The pen of Aaron Napartsek also writes in color!

speaking of mimes
I have known of that great mime, M. Marceau, my whole life. I was shocked to read this Wiki explanation of how he began as a mime in the French Resistance: “Marcel started miming as way of keeping children quiet, as they were escaping.”

It is always a good day when I learn something interesting, especially if it is something that I should have known. That makes today a very good day.

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